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Working on Amore v0.3

When you’re working on a project by yourself and nobody else seems to take an interest, it’s easy to put the project off to one side and work on it at your leisure. So it’s been with me and Amore. I worked on it for awhile, nobody seemed very interested, so I took a break. Having the flu and recovering for some of those weeks made it easy to put off coding and pretty much anything except for sleeping and taking medication. But I digress.

Over the past few weeks some people have started to take interest in Amore. One person suggested I use Weblate or something similar to make it easier for potential translators. Then someone else found Amore at GitHub and tooted about it on Mastodon. Following from that, they suggested collaborating on a common ActivityPub-PHP library. Someone else wanted to collborate on a mobile version.

Of all the activity, the ActivityPub-PHP library looks most interesting in the short term. If I can implement it in Amore it would save a ton of time and trouble. However, the developer says it’s another month or so from being ready. And before working on a mobile version or hiring translators, I want Amore to be more stable. Luckily there’s plenty to do in that regard.

One of the goals for Amore is for it to be as easy to install and configure as WordPress, so I’ve started working on that this week. Currently, if someone (insane) wants to use Amore, they’ll have to setup the database on their own, and import the SQL files to create the tables and fill them with data. They’ll also have to fill out the configuration table on their own. WordPress does this in a very user-friendly manner and is worthy of emulating. This week I created a couple of PHP scripts that will create the tables and fill them with default data. There’s a lot more to do, but as the old saying goes:

The journey of a thousand instances begins with a single script.

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