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Progress on Amore v0.3

Despite procrastinating with regard to ActivityPub-PHP, I’ve tried to stay productive in other ways. One of those has been working on the Amore installation process.

While I have a lot of fuzzy ideas about what I want Amore to be and how it should work, I also have some very concrete goals for it. One of the highest priority goals is for it to be as easy to install and configure as WordPress. The “Famous 5-minute installation” is one of WordPress’s killer features, and is probably why WordPress is so widely used.

After the Amore software has been unzipped, the site admin opens a browser and surfs to the directory where they put Amore. The index.php looks for ../conn.php, then conn.php, and if neither is found it sends the admin to dash/admin/install.php. This page asks for information to connect to the database, then uses it to create conn.php. After creating the conn.php file, the process creates the tables in the database and fills some of them with generic information. Then the admin is asked to create an admin user account. Once that is done, they are instructed to move conn.php from the pub/ directory to the amore/ directory, then to go to the login page to finish configuring the website.

I’ve also been working on documentation because the code has been getting so convoluted, it’s been hard to keep track of what was done. The documentation should help me keep track of some of the minutiae in the code.

That’s as far as it’s gotten so far. I still have to rework the index.php and the-login.php, and create the configuration pages. It’s stuff to work on over the next week or so.

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