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The Torty PHP Framework

Last updated on July 23, 2021

It’s been a long road, and I’ll write about it soon, but I want to take this moment to write about Torty. Torty is, or will be, the basis for the various other projects PHP/MariaDB projects I’m working on. Yes, it’s yet another PHP framework, but it’s intended to be easy-to-install, easy-to-configure, and well-documented so it should be easy to use it to make other projects.

Torty is written in PHP 7.4, and works with MariaDB and MySQL. The development environment on my laptop runs nginx, but the production environment on Dreamhost runs Apache, so it will work well with either server. The first beta version is close to being released, and after that I’ll start documenting it and writing up some HOW-TOs showing how it can be hacked to create new projects.

As a framework, it will provide some essential functions for app developers, but it will also be pretty lightweight so the projects aren’t burdened with stuff they might never use. Torty will provide a system for users to register and login, but admins can also create, edit, delete, ban, or suspend users. All logged in users will see a dashboard and be able to edit their profiles. As part of editing their profiles, users can choose their time zone and country. The beta version will be pretty barebones, but future versions will include added features.

Among these added features, users will be able to choose more precise locations, such as a town or city. Different localizations will also be available for future versions, so users, developers, and website admins will be able to choose the language they are most comfortable with. The different localization can be used as templates for app developers to get started with localizations for their own projects.

The first version of Torty will be available sometime in July, after I’ve done some more testing and bug-fixing, and will be available on Codeberg.

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