Atom and RSS feeds in Amore

Last year sometime, I began getting into RSS and Atom feeds, even as they become deprecated. Feeds offer a way to read a website’s content without being bombarded with ads, notification requests, interstitials, alerts, and other miscellaneous annoyances. It is possible to put ads into RSS feeds, but they’re far more tolerable because they’re not so “in your face”.
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Amore 0.1

For those of you who don’t know, my regular blog is over at and over the past few weeks over there I’ve written a bit about Amore. Amore is some software I’m working on that’s intended to be an open-source dating app for the Fediverse. At the very least it will be yet another CMS coded using PHP and MySQL.

Right now, it’s considered pre-alpha software. It can do some basic stuff, but it’s missing a lot of functions. At the moment, it can’t really be used as a dating app or for connecting to the Fediverse. If you’re inclined to look at it or use it, you can download it here.